Thursday, September 04, 2003

Why blog?

Blogs are the new journalism, so they trumpet across the Net. I'd say they are the free journalism - liberated from the constraints of editorial command. I won't say that all bloggers qualify as journalists but, like journalists, they are communicators. Unlike working journalists, they are free to publish whatever they will whenever they choose.
The historic significance of this magnificent explosion of human expression is yet to be quantified - for we know not how long or even how they may be archived in the ensuing decades or centuries. The volume of material will make them unmanageable. But who am I to worry about this? I am not writing for perpetuity. Indeed, I am not sure why I am writing this at all. Heaven knows, I don't have the time. What I do have is the passion to raise my voice to be part of the virtual cacophony of opinions and experiences which makes this medium such an important development in human communications.

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