Saturday, September 20, 2003

Getting everything done - not

Daily I thank the Balinese for teaching me that everything gets done sooner or later - not to rush at everything in stress factor. It will happen. Everything has its time.
It is hard for a Westerner to adopt this thinking. We are used to immediate gratification. And we are used to pressuring ourselves with lists of responsibilities.
I have a pile of work to do.
I always have a pile of work to do.
The more I do, the more it arrives.
Sometimes it frightens me.
But then I think of Bali - and I think that it will get done, calmly, in its time.
Nonetheless I can get annoyed with myself. Yesterday I was determined to do two projects - the net column and an update for the website
The column was difficult, as sometimes it is. It took hours of dreary surfing. And by the time it was filed, I had to cook dinner. I had not done the other project.
I would do it today.
Today I wrote book reviews - because their time to be written had come.
And I did the washing.
But the website work is not yet done - and it weighs heavily.
I know it is not the end of the earth if it is not done today. But I will feel happier if it is.
Because I have masses of other work I want to do.
And I need to have it all done before .....

...before I go back to work.

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