Saturday, September 27, 2003

Political football

This is the world's first Internet-dominated political campaign - and it is exciting to see the ways in which the candidates are using the medium for their message.
John Edwards introduces "Kick Bush Back to Texas" - a game animation in which one may choose to be one of assorted unemployed Americans who will then give Bush a hearty kick from Washington, landing him ignobly back in Texas.
Bob Graham sends out anti-Bush cartoons and asks us to become "Bushwhackers" while Dennis Kuncinch is sending out electronic postcards which deliver a lengthy speech about peace in our times.
Dean, of course, is a vast network of very active blogs - and the campaign keeps one in frequent touch with email bulletins.
The others have newsletters, urging donations, of course. But they are yet to show signs of innovation. There is plenty of time and I am sure they won't want to be left behind.

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