Monday, September 08, 2003

Pollie polls

Taken aback to find a 404 on the blog yesterday. Heaven forbid that one should miss a day of minutiae. In my case, just observations of the political processes here in New England.

Dean forges ahead in the Boston Globe poll today - and one senses that it is time for the other pollies to start getting seriously dirty to edge him out of that clear lead. But as much as they may bersmirch and undermine his policies, I see Dean's strength in his supporters. Not only the sensational and unprecedented web presence - but on the ground. I meandered into Old Town Day in Clinton, Mass, yesterday - and amid all the stalls and local fundraisers for everything from the fire department to the PTA, there was just one political stand. A bunch of delightful Dean supporters offering policy notes, bumper stickers and badges. This man has the grass roots activated. It is the people's thrust which carries him.

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