Sunday, September 14, 2003

Of course the hustings go on

Much frustration at not being able to hook up with any of the Democrat candidates in the last week or so. Well, Edwards has been around the traps, but we could not co-ordinate getting to his events - but we are closely familiar with his campaign and are keen to hook up with those we have yet to explore such as Kucinich, Graham and Gephardt. The latter has been holding events but, insultingly, sending his son along as a substitute. I have not the faintest wish in the world to meet a politician's offspring and I can't imagine any committed American voter wanting to do so. I think it is a tawdry piece of strategy. But, then again, Gephardt has failed dismisally to impress me and my interest in seeing him in the flesh is token.

The campaign fascination of the moment is the new wave of bitching at Dean. Everyone is gunning for him and one starts to see the political self-interest swamping anything akin to altruism in the name of the country.

The more the candidates attack Dean, the smaller they seem - and the larger Dean looms as the figure of power and influence.

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