Tuesday, September 23, 2003

And in comes Wes

The people's choice. Wes Clark. Five star General.
It is an interesting reflection on the mood of America that it craves a military head of state. Then again, it is a smart strategy if one is to hope for defections from a Right which must be feeling a bit sheepish about the Bush performance and the country's terrible loss of kudos in the eyes of the world. A man of war would cut the mustard with them.

However, seniority within the disciplinarian ranks of the armed forces is a far cry from politics, let alone the subtleties of diplomacy and the broad spectrum of ecomony. I gather from the effusive media that Clark is a brilliant man, a Rhodes scholar, no less.

If he is so brilliant, it is disappointing to discover that his grammar is not too hot. I noted a terrible howler in his quotes in The Globe. "Laid" not "lain", as I recall. It made me wonder at his scholarship.

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