Monday, September 08, 2003

Monday morning gripes

The newspaper is spread all around me. The books glare from the bedside table saying that I am behind my my reading. I skim the paper, picking out news items, reading the opinion pieces in depth. So much to read, hurrying to get it all done. Reading in a rush. When did this begin?
I feel the information overload breaking my brain. My mind wanders making lists of things to be remembered and achieved, communications to be made, oh yes, and food to be prepared. Do I have all the ingredients? Do I have time to wash my hair? Then I realise I have not absorbed what I was reading, so I read it again in an even greater hurry. The end result is a sea of fragments of information, of impressions, half-knowledge.
The email adds a new layer - oh and another assignment with a rush deadline. I must prioritise. But if I don't finish the paper now...
This is my holiday? My Long Service Leave? A time when I thought I would get done all those things I have wanted to get done - finish the content on the website, make a natural history website, finish the cookery book, read all those review books, get fit, start a blog....
Work and leisure have merged, so much so that leisure time is even harder work.
Well, there's no time to waste. Back to the paper.

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