Friday, September 12, 2003


Nashua had its 9/11 observance on September 10.
I would have missed it had Bruce and I not chosen Greeley Park for our evening constitutional. And there were the people, the local Granitestatesmen men's chorus, a piper, assorted local dignitaries, Fireys and Ambos. Even the Sally Ally brigade (Salvation Army). There was rather a lot of speechifying and some nice patriotic singing. I felt a bit spare when everyone sang the national anthem. I don't know the words. Then again, I don't know the words to my own national anthem. Well, that is reasonable. It is an awful anthem. The American anthem, like the flag, is wonderful and worth loving.

I was pondering the flag phenomenon the other day. Since 9/11, flag sales in this country sky-rocketed and people have masses of them on their houses and cars and businesses. If there was any business worthy of investment, it would be American flags.
In Australia one rarely sees a flag, unless it be on a government building. It's not that Australians are not patriotic. It's just that they don't specially like that derivative flag.

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