Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Proving climate change

Just as old-timers say that they feel the weather changing in their bones and their old wounds are like barometers, I say that I can discern climate change with my hair.

These many long years, my longish hair has stayed smooth and tidy with the usual 3-day wash-and-blowdry routine. When I am in Adelaide where the air is clean and dry.
If I go to Bali or to New England or Georgia, or sometimes even to Sydney, I am in bad-hair-day territory. The humidity makes my hair unruly. I have to tie it up, wear caps, hairclips, copious lotions...

Until this summer, I have never had to do any of these things in Adelaide. My wavy hair accepted its straightening discliplines and maintained a constant, ever-recognisable style.
Now it is rebellious, day after day. Even if I were to do the blow-dry treatment every morning, I'd be lucky to have it tidy by lunchtime.

This is a basic and major change. It is something I can observe. And that means it is evidence. How much do I have to reiterate this in argument against the naysayers who insist that the dewpoint is low and that it is really not humid? What is wrong with their powers of observation? It is Blind Freddy department.

Our climate has changed! It is different. Humidity has come to the driest city on the driest continent. It is not as it was. Why can the climate curmudgeons not be convinced of this? Bald obstinacy, I'd call it.

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