Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Water, water, everywhere...

The cult of drinking bottled water is turning into an environmental catastrophe. The springs are being sucked dry to satisfy the thirst of those who wish to pay large amounts to have their water designer labelled. And then there are all the plastic bottles that become the wasteful by-product of their indulgence. What a consumerist farce.

I have always found those water-sucking trendies rather farcical. Their obsession with hydration is such that they can't move without their bottles. They take them to work, they take them shopping, they take them to the theatre, for heaven's sake. Now when it our metabolisms change so much that we were unable to go 90 minutes without fluid? When did we begin to require constant top-ups?
It is all marketing. People are slaves to fashions, cults, theories, advertising. They don't stop to ask how logical is this absurd excess. They believe, like some new religion. They mimic each other, terrified of being left out.
And they are suckers not only of water, but of the current myth that it is an essential lifestyle accessory.

Sssh...don't 'tell 'em. Some naughty water companies are selling them tap water. It seems designer water drinkers can't tell the difference.

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