Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Hello, sugar. Goodbye apple of my eye.

Scientists never fail to give me the giggles. What vast amounts of time, funding and intellectual energy they apply to the most superfluous of things. From day to day, they request sea changes in people's lives and diets. You can be guaranteed that what was good for you yesterday is poison tomorrow. Look at margarine versus butter.
Look at meat and soy. Then there's chicken soup. In their wisdom, scientists expended their expertise on confirming that chicken soup really is curative when you have a cold. Well, thanks, scientists. Jewish penicillin is just that!
This week they have outdone themselves. Firstly they have discovered that sugar is good for the memory. Contrary to earlier beliefs, high sugar drinks, the ones that make people so fat, also make them smarter and help them to remember. Sugar may help in treating dementia!

However....sugar is good for you but also it is unhealthy. Well, maybe it is good for you in sugar drinks, but certainly not in fruit. Fruit is unhealthy! Especially apples and pears. They contain too much sugar.
Fruit must not be advertised as healthfood! Especially fruit with pips.

Now are we coming or going on the sugar issue?
Whatever you do, don't ask a scientist!

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