Monday, February 13, 2006

Gunning for Cheney

Dick Cheney shot his friend in the face. Apparently, he mistook 78-year-old Mr Whittington for a quail.
Big men out shooting tiny birds with broad-spreading shotgun pellets. Hunters! Great white hunters. What fun for them. How brave they are. And, to make sure the big men do not miss the little birds they must have lots of shot. Enough shot to cover a man from head to chest. How sporting. How skilful.

How approximate do you have to be to be a good shot, I wonder? I hear Cheney is very experienced. But does this hot shot take his pot shots for the pot? No, I'm sure that the little birds would not be worth eating when they are peppered with shot. So what reason could there be for rich, powerful men to spend their time and money on inefficently killing tiny wee birdies which can barely fly??

I guess they have to shoot them because they are an environmental issue. Nasty little quail ravaging the delicate ecosystem. Thank heavens for Republican environmental activists such as Cheney and his ilk. Ridding the landscape of evil little birds.

Poor Cheney's bag count must have gone down with that accident. Well, at least he hit something, even if it was not a tiny little bird.

Dontcha love big strong men with guns?

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