Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Who put the slam in Islam?

The responses of Islam are always worrisome. It is a faith which keeps us in line with quite fearsome discipline. One word out of place and we are fair game for the most violent and vindictive retaliation. It is all pretty unforgiving.
It perplexes me, since I know some very gentle Muslims and in my readings about Islam over the years, I have found is creeds to be kindly and rational. Islam, whence came the sciences. Islam, which respects Christianity's "son of God" as a prophet. Islam, which welcomes the wayfarer and will never let a beggar be ignored.

Where has the break occurred that spawned this other form of Islamic fury wherein the world must walk on glass for fear of inciting vengeance?
Those Danish cartoons are mainly offensive in their complete lack of humour. They are lousy cartoons. Gratuitious. But, I understand the paper had a competition going and they are not "proper" cartoons by cartoonists of distinction. Which makes it all the sillier. Plain dumb.
Blind Freddy could have told them that Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) is never to be portrayed as an image. From the West, it is a common courtesy to respect this. The Danes did it as an idiot provocation and it worked.
Now we are all in the middle of an emotive kerfuffle and Islam has an excuse for yet more fury at the rest of the world.
I never did work out what the Buddhists did to earn those ancient giant statues being destroyed in Afghanistan. I am sure it was nothing as terrible as drawing rude images of Mohammed (Peace Be Upon Him).

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