Tuesday, November 04, 2003

Two worlds

No one over here has heard of Howard Dean, John Kerry et al. Not even here at the newspaper. A couple have heard of Wesley Clark, though. Which goes to show the power of television. But that there is another side to America, a different view within America - no one seems to know.
And the mood of anti-Americanism grows and thrives under the shadow of the relentless Bush propaganda machine. Disheartening.

So I have pinned a Dean for America button to my cap - so people will ask me what it is all about and I can introduce them to the amazing concept of the American Democrats and the fact that not everyone in the USA is slavishly devoted to Bush and war and Halliburton etc.

Thus attired I swanned out to collect the test car of the moment - a gorgeous little Alpha Romeo Spider. Bright blue. I am not a sportscar person at all - but it is a perfect day and I succumbed to the open top. The moment I took off in the car, several decades seem to melt off my age, just like that, and I felt young a free and sublimely in control. I was a bit surprised. I had not expected to like it so much. Aaaah, I think there's some subliminal embodied in these extravagant little boy toys.

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