Monday, November 10, 2003

The Supermum syndrome

I was up with the birds this morning, lovely morning that it was - albeit that I ache all over from a fall on Saturday.
There is some much piled up at work with deadline pressure that I was keen to get to the office and bite into it. Which I did, punctuating the day with a pleasant walk to the market with colleagues for a quick lunch of oh, so fragrant and fresh Vietnamese noodles followed by classy coffee and Portugese tart. Oh yes, we live well. And the market is a joy to have so close - a plenitude of vivid produce, of scents and colors and characters. It restores the soul - and always one walks back to the office with a spring in the step.
And it was more intense concentration glued to the computer through the afternoon until at least one major task was completed. But punctuated by demands for an urgent after-hours assignment with a yesterday deadline. A bit of jumping through hoops. Grabbed what research I could glean and headed for the car.
I was not yet home when my phoned beeped an SMS announcing that news of what I was cooking for dinner had attracted two more to the table. Oops. Need more ingredients to plump out the quantities.
I used to find cooking after work a sort of zen release from the intensity of work. These days I think a sit down is more zen. But if one is going to sit down, one needs to cook first. So I did.
Of course the sit down was not for relaxation. Oh no, the outside job had to be written - with scant information as a rush job. Tough.
Now it, too, is out of the way...and I think I am just too damned tired to leave the computer.

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