Thursday, November 13, 2003

The great political divide

While the Democrats are eating each other alive in the States, I see the first signs of the way in which the rivalries of the Primaries may cause rifts in friendships. Not that I would allow this to happen. But a mail from a mate in Mass. reveals not only that she has joined the Clark campaign but that she has gone right off my favorite candidate, Howard Dean. She gave her spiel on his faults in response to my mail telling her that I still favored him. I can see us engaging in a debate on the merits of our candidates - dividing within the same alliegance. How wildly ironic.

Now I see the advantages of the Australian system wherein the Party chooses a leader and the leader of the party becomes Prime Minister on winning the election. We vote only for the party. On these lines, the divides between friends are quite clear. They are straight-out, plain and simple political differences. Left versus Right.

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