Monday, November 17, 2003

Down down down they dumb

They call it "Lifestyle" - and they give it to us night and day. No television news service is complete without some lifestyle items - and, of course, the so-called news review programs are nothing but lifestyle, if you exclude the odd "landlord from hell" or "builder from hell" stories.
BY sad default, news-watchers become expert in cellulite treatments, hair replacement treatments, weight loss treatments, back pain treatments...
They are commercially based, ever a promo with, I am sure, plenty of product for the presenters. And the market would seem to lap them up. They are suckers for consumerism. Naivete rules. Gee, this product has been developed after years of research by "a professor". Must be good.
Professor of what? Perchance economics. We are never told.

It is all phony news. It ain't news. It is marketing. But the world is so contentedly dumbed down that it siphons it all up and considers it to be information.

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