Saturday, September 24, 2005

Waiting for the Rita bloggers

Glued to Fox and CNN yet again, this time watching the exodus through Texas. Gridlocks ten miles long, petrol stations run dry, people sitting in their cars for 14 hours on motorways. How are they coping? Soon the reports will appear in the blogs and we will get graphic descriptions of this new human hell. Where can they have a pee? How much food did they think to take? Where on earth are they all going? It is hard to comprehend the scale of this evacuation and that powerful America is so vulnerable.
It makes one also reflect on population density. The huge numbers which make the country so strong can also make it weak.

Meanwhile, on the blogger front, there is good news.
Reported tonight on the ABC is a new handbook which is showing bloggers and cyber dissidents around the world how to circumvent censorship and disclosure laws.
The handbook comes from the human rights organisation Reporters Without Borders, with support from the French Government.
It offers advice to people seeking to publish information on the internet when they’re up against countries like China and Iran with tough media restrictions.

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