Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Truly awful people

Number one on the list for today: Geraldo Rivera, the millionaire Fox reporter who carried a gun in Afghanistan and was going to kill Bin Laden all on his own - and instead, fell to the ground when there was a bit of military action around him. The man who was expelled from embedded reportage in Iraq for drawing a map in the sand which gave away his own forces' immediate strategy. Now he is the gung ho man in poor, hurricane-devastated New Orleans. Quoth he in the worst of taste:
"This is a dress rehearsal for a nuclear attack".

Number two is Australian Federal Health Minister, Tony Abbott who bragged that he never made inappropriate jokes and then made not one but two. That he used the former NSW Liberal head John Brogden who had resigned after apologising for an inappropriate joke and then attempted suicide as the butt of his jokes was despicable. That, as a health minister, he could snipe at anyone who had attempted suicide is profoundly unprofessional. Brogden resigned for less. Abbott needs also to resign. The country is screaming for his resignation. Instead, the Prime Minister stands behind him and says an apology is enough. It was not enough for Brogden. But then Brogden was a moderate conservative and Abbott, of course, is a far right conservative - like the Prime Minister. Isn't that cosy.

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