Thursday, September 15, 2005

Not you, dear, Media!

This is my idea of a good blog. Media Cynic.
Searching the blogsphere for new and brilliant blogs to which to direct my Saturday Netsurfer readers, I find myself always on a forward journey. The styles and standards of blogs are soaring towards new standards of excellence. I cringe as I look at this old template and wonder if I will ever have time to ritz myself up to something snazzy. But there is the rub, the mystery of life. How do these dedicated bloggers find the time to do the surfing, researching and writing? Can they sneak in some blogging from the workplace? Do they not work? Maybe they just don't take work home with them as idiots such as I do. Maybe if I did less, then I would have more blogging time. What shall I give up - the shopping, the cooking, the washing, the cleaning, the reading, the reviewing? Work, maybe?

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