Tuesday, September 20, 2005

A spit on Latham

If the Australian Labor Party has been guilty of complete stupidity, it was when it elevated the excreable bullyboy, Mark Latham, to leadership. He did not last long. Thank heavens. God forbid such a pig of a man should have become Prime Minister. He makes John Howard look erudite and statesmanlike. Albeit that Latham advocated civilized policies in the social justice department, he was and is a boorish loudmouth. Now he has published a spit-and-tell book in which he pours buckets on almost everyone - except his saintly self. His vulgarity knows no bounds. He refers to women as "rabbit boilers" and to pedophiles as "kiddy-fiddlers". He called the ABC's intelligent politics interviewers "gibberers". And he told them that they should go down to the pub to get up to date with his lingo.
Of course it is clear to most of us that Latham has completely lost any plot he ever had. He is a lather of paranoid venom. What a pity that he is getting all this airtime which may show us that we are lucky to be rid of this madman but also flogs his book making money for the opportunistic publishers as well as this most offensive politician in living memory.

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