Sunday, October 12, 2003

Sunday bloody Sunday

What a glorious, perfect spring day. Huge blue skies. Warm but not hot. Bottlebrushes in strident red bloom. Pacific Blue singing its bright blueness to happy bees.
But the bright light shows up the dust. Adelaide is a dusty city - on the edge of the desert and all. Dust is a fact of life. So the joys of spring sun come burdened with the urge to clean.
So there has been a strenuous burst of cleaning to weary the limbs. Which would not be so bad if the bloody shops were bloody open. Sunday trading has not yet arrived. A couple more weeks, they say.

Of course the people are out and about and would be shopping, if they could. Instead they pack the sidewalk cafes creating a scene of massed decadence. Which is not bad, really.

But I had to drive into the city to get the bits and pieces I needed. Grrr.

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