Saturday, October 18, 2003

Old School Days

School re-unions. How strange they are. Gathering in the old school grounds today, a perfect warm spring day. I was a little apprehensive - but so was everyone else, it eventuates. The years rolling on - who would we be? I had expected a bunch of bourgeois matrons. Well, I suppose some of them were. But what, in essence, they were, were lovely, civilized women all of whom had shared a very good education. That education is all many of us have in common - for we have not sought each other out over the years. Well, each perhaps has that select few of saved schoolfriends. I, for example, went with the two with whom I have cared most to keep contact - and hoped that perhaps a couple of others of whom I had thought maybe would turn up. It was hard to recognise people at first. One needed the name tags. But after the initial identification, the old faces emerged and suddenly we were the same girls.
And for a couple of talkative hours, time took a delightful warp.

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