Tuesday, October 28, 2003


The subject of blogs as an assignment has been a treat - immersed in blogs in the name of work. I still have no idea as to why I am blogging, lest it be to feel the surge of a tide.
The diversity of blogs is quite thrilling, the names, the individuals. I fall in love with some of them, so beautifully do they express themselves or depict their worlds. Some are a bit odd. Some are a little juvenile - but what can one expect of the young?
I note a growing syndrome of employers discovering and resenting their employees' blogs. One sacking and several censorships from above.
And that, of course, is the risk taken in blogging about the minutae of one's life.
One can hardly publicly criticise the hand that feeds.
Every employee has gripes about their workplace as, I daresay, every employer has snipes at employees. But it should never be for the public record.
That, I suppose, is why I will never make a good blogger. As a professional, I am wary of what may and may not be written. This medium is publishing...once one presses the post and publish button and one's words are live, they are in the public arena and thus subject to the laws of whichever land.
Bloggers must beware.

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