Friday, October 24, 2003

From a distance

Just being 13,000 miles away (or whatever the number is...I hate numbers) does not hamper me from keeping abreast of the Primaries. How could it? The newsletters zap into the email and I check on the NH Politics website most days - often feeling extremely peeved that I can't be there. Howard Dean is going to the Keene Pumpkin Festival. Oh, how I'd love to share in that event - the rituals of those vivid orange autumn orbs combined with the ritual of politics.

I've put a Dean for America bumper sticker on my car. No one knows what it is. No one here has heard of most of the candidates - yet.

Meanwhile, Bush has been in Australia - with his seventeen support jets and his entourage of security. The Australian media is extremely peeved at the preference given to American media. They are excluded from events because the Whitehouse arrangement is for CNN, Fox etc to have first coverage. It does nothing for the American image.

It is very hard to be pro-American outside America. Thankyou George Bush!

I did not manage to keep up with the Parliamentary address and the interjections by the Greens, or the protests and arrests - saw a few grabs on the TV news as I speed-cooked dinner. I bet those images did not hit Fox. But of course, since the Australian media was restricted in covering the President, they had plenty of time to cover the anti-President activities. What irony.

But, while it's all been going on in Canberra, I've been immersed the complexities of the feature of the moment - and, oh so impatient to get it finished and to move on to the next thing, which is Blogs. What serendipity - a chance to surf blogs in the name of work.

But first, I must run away to the sea.

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