Sunday, July 25, 2004

Aversion therapy?

I like to shop. But it turns out that I am a lacklustre shopper when put in the company of a serious shopaholic. After today I understand that "shop until you drop" is not a joke. It is a genuine phenomenon. My idea of poking around a couple of junk shops on a Saturday morning was put into shade by Peter's attack on the local shops. We did every op shop, second-hand shop, furniture shop, bookshop, oriental tat shop and garage sale in three towns! How many can there be! You never realise until you look. There are zillions of the buggers. Mostly staffed by nice old ladies wearing nametags. " Madge" is a popular name among charity shop volunteers, I discovered. I was starving, craving coffee and exhausted - and he was still filled with the fervor. I found myself hanging around the footpaths, gazing into windows and thinking what a thrill it would be to be at home cleaning a bathroom. Anything but another Aladdin's cave of old consumables. Anything.

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