Saturday, June 05, 2004


Good grief. George Bush is campaigning for the Australian Prime Minister's re-election. Telling Australians not to vote for Latham of the Labor Party. That is beyond not one but many pales. Impertinent arrogance pales by comparison. I go pale with indignation. Etc with the bad gags. But it is bad.

Meanwhile, it is Friday - yesssss. I have churned out a lot of words through this week. Two columns, four feature stories and two reviews. And I've caught up on the backlog of emails. Phew.

Now I am late to bed after a packed night. I executed a painting for the Florey medical research foundation fundraiser exhibition tonight - with borrowed acrylic paints on a canvas provided by the foundation. It's a portrait of a pelican. of course. I love those birds with a passion.

In the morning I will pack the Forester and head down to Fleurieu Peninsula - stopping at the Willunga Farmer's market to get some fresh goodies - and spend some time adoring the colors of the sea.

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