Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Church crisises everywhere

Boston is still reeling over its church scandals. It has been an epidemic of disgraced priests. What is the problem with these men of God?
I return to Adelaide - and here it is again.
They have been calling for the resignation of the Anglican Archbishop of Adelaide for some time - but he has held on doggedly waiting the couple of weeks left for his retirement. It's all about paedophilia coverup at the city's top boys' school. The Archbishop's idea of dealing with a sinful priest would seem to have been to visit him as he packed to leave the country, worried for the man's welfare and not, it would seem, the boy/boys. I listened to his description of this meeting as he was interviewed on ABC radio. He remained supercilious, I thought, as if he was a bit above it all. It did not surprise me. This archbishop has, in my opinion, been a vain and self-aggrandising man throughout. And thus does his downfall look to me suspiciously like karma.

And it's time they let the women take over the church.

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