Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Calm before the storm

I watched the transit of Venus on my computer at work - fairly underwhelming aesthetic really, a black dot moving across a white sphere. But it had to be watched, if only out of respect for Captain Cook and his mapping of Australia - which would not have happened without the scientific expedition to see this phenomenon.
Of course there was no sign of the astral dust cloud predicted by the prophesy ratbags under the stolen identity of my mate Grant Gartrell. But, in their defence, it has to be said that we all seemed to have a somewhat addled sort of a day. One of those sideways days which are not awful but just awkward.
Here in Adelaide the weather was perfect - considering it is winter. Sunny with temp in the 20s. The evening has been positively balmy and I took a pleasant walk around the neighborhood and down The Parade which was bubbling with life, the sidewalk cafes full of happy people. Even the icecream parlors were doing brisk business.
Now, after midnight, the sky is flashing lightning and there are rumbles of thunder.
I am sure the doomsayers would see something in it. Post-transit storms. Oooh.

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