Saturday, February 02, 2008

Oh, God - thou ever was a forsaker.

On some days, one can barely bear to read the news.
Today is one such.
The utter, morally-bankrupt act of harnessing mentally-retarded people with bombs, sending them off to a pet market and then detonating them by remote control to kill and multilate countless humans and animals is simply beyond one's comprehension.

If war is repugnant, such acts of war are somewhere so far down the levels of intellectual squalor as to make one wish for the very thing one opposes - retribution. One wishes to put out the lights of those who seek to do such harm - to ensure that they stop doing it.

And they will argue that they have a God who directs their sub-bestial behaviour.
Ah, yes, in God's name.
If it is not one God, it is another.
And one knows it is all just so hopeless.


Garry said...

Sorry, whats hopeless? I have no idea what this means. So a few vicious scum have murdered a few more people. This particular group have been doing it for years. I flat out reject the notion that their evil means that the rest of us have no hope. And lets be honest here, the crimes of this religion have no bearing on other religions. Let each group bear responsibility for their own misdeeds.

Cheers, Garry.

dysthymiac said...

I know, I know.
It points out very clearly to us, how astonishlingly DIFFERENT their culture is.
Of course, those dreadful countries have a histor of simply chaining-up retards in the backyard till they die. it's documented.
I take no pleasure in my warnings of years ago being vindicated - I used to say to people every chance I got "have you heard of this fatwa thing where they just want to kill everybody who isn't a muslim?"
and nobody believed me.
They were practising it long before President Bush was even born. They invaded neighbouring countries and smashed building of other religions even centuries ago.

Bwca said...

re "one can barely bear to read the news.
Today is one such"
The Guardian tells me about a dead girl and a man charged with her death who claims he did not kill her but he found her unconscious and had sex with the unresponsive body.
I would prefer to admit to murder.

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