Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Time to kick a Vic?

For some reason the Vics have always had a fairly un-neighbourly attitude towards Adelaide. Indeed, one could say they are simply the pits as neighbours. The F1 pits.
They do border raids to steal our ideas, our events, our talent… They don’t want to share water with us.
And now, out of the blue, they throw insults at us.

We're a "backwater", eh?

Victoria, where are your manners?

Then again, maybe we should forgive them their boorishness because of their convict background. Were they abused when they were young?

Of course, Opposition Leader Martin Hamilton-Smith does not turn out to be much of a local hero in defending our state against this latest insult from the east.
The SAS superhero wants a bigger boy to defend us for him.
Premier Mike Rann should tell Brumby where to go, says Marty.
At the same time, he says it is all Mike Rann’s fault that Victoria's John Brumby has called us a backwater. Huh?
Buck-passing and finger-pointing all at once?
I, for one, expected better of our Marty.

But I guess he is just upset.
We have to get used to it, Marty.

Adelaide has been the brunt of the east’s limp idea of humour for aeons. It is all rather childish and ignorant – and there is a doubtless a lot of jealousy in much of the ribbing and japing we cop.
Whatever we have, they seem to want it – even our history. I have watched with absolute astonishment as so-called historians in the east simply make up the eastern-oriented “truths” just to escape mentioning South Australia. There is barely an arts administrator left here, so keenly do they steal them - not to mention festivals and car events, food and wine events...

And, as they plunder our wealth of ideas and talent, they have gratuitous digs at us.
It is all very irritating and disappointing from one’s fellow countryfolk.

What can we say?
Surely we would never sink to their level?

Well, I suspect we have to, if we are to be understood.

So, perhaps we should say to Victoria, very politely and in our poshest Adelaide accent:

We may be a backwater but at least we are not water hogs.


Ray said...

"We may be a backwater but at least we are not water hogs"

Ouch! That really hurts. At least you admit to being "a backwater"!

By the way, of course we're "water hogs", it's our river !

tumbleweed said...

if Adelaide had the good sense to store the rainwater that falls on it (twice as much as the city needs to operate) - look at the Salisbury Council model for evidence - then we wouldn't need to siphon yet more putrid liquid from the dying open drain that was once the mighty Murray.

and let those other states keep casting their nasturtiums, while we enjoy our relatively unclogged roads, lovely botanic gardens and our delightful friendly central market (in contrast to the brutal and often rude patrons found at the Victoria Markets ). backwater, schmackwater. I'm staying here!

Milly Moo said...

Well put Tumbleweed. The less Victorian's know about our roses, wines, arts festivals, bluestone houses, sea-and-hills and Farmers' Union Iced Coffee the better!

Milly Moo said...

Oh dear - I'm so sorry about the apostrophe in Victorians - I'm hanging my head in shame....

dysthymiac said...

I'm not casting nasturtiums at Adelaide.
My ancestor Robert Lyon Milne landed there in 1843, as did most of the Melbourne pioneers avoiding the Port Phillip landing tax of the era, and my Number 1 Son lives there now.
A much easier-to-live-in city than bloody Melbourne.