Thursday, November 17, 2005

Fun with Rumsfeld

So the old Rummy is in town - to talk defence with other heavyweight warmongers.
We are just so thrilled in gentle Adelaide. So much so that we have cancelled all police leave and put our sweet city into lockdown. Streets are blocked all over the place. People have been told "don't come to town unless you have business there". Great for the economy. But we comfort ourselves that at least we are being protected from Rumsfeld, which is very thoughtful of our City Fathers. Talking of which, the Town Hall is in lockdown - and even the Mayor is not allowed in. He is performing his duties in a cafe!
Protesters have been out by the thousands, of course. They have business in the city. Protesting.
It has been reassuring to note that Rumsfeld takes all this gravity in his stride. Having arrived on his super jumbo with a massive security entourage and been delivered to the lockdown, security surrounded Hyatt at high speed through sequenced green lights in the midst of his bigger-than-Ben-Hur motorcade, he donned his shorty shorts, grabbed a racquet and went off with a handful of mates on foot across the parklands - to play squash! And all that security is guarding no-one! The city is in lockdown for a man playing squash.


Richard Tonkin said...

It's all amazing! I read on Adelaide Blog Index of a young man being forced to remove his shoes and socks for a North Terrace police inspection, while another officer searched his backpack.

One of our politicians, Democrat Sandra Kanck wandered to close to the Hallibarricaded Hyatt (Four-metre indycar fences.. do the math)for the likings of the constabulary and was asked for name, address and date of birth.

Had a peek myself, watching the constables practice opening and closing the blockade egress, overheard a "Transadelaide employee" reciting my description into a mobile "he's just standing there watching, bit of a beard, shoulder lenght hair.. stu might have a picture of him". Frankly I didn't wait around.

lots of Transadelaide "waistcosts" (my friend above being on the border between the station and the Hyatt) and others similarly garbed but with only the words "security contractor" on them... no company logo. Reminds me of something I've been wondering since the laying of the tramlines.

When Rumsfeld was playing squash, whose balls was he whacking?

Now we have an extra threat... the timing of the release of an "Al Qaeda videotape" naming Downer as an enemy. Rummy's going home, but this is (unfortunately) where Alex lives. Do we now need to be in constant alarm because the Fat Controller (as he's fondly known by Thomas The Tank Engine afficionados) lives in them thar hilss just outta town?

C'mon Alex, do us all a favour and move into the Bush Ranch.. you and all South Australians would feel soo much safer!

I'll be happier when this

Richard Tonkin said...

...sorry episode is all over