Sunday, November 13, 2005

Bill O'Reilly - the ultimate boor

As if there is not enough to get grumpy about in this world, that vulgar loudmouth has inveigled his way into the headlines again with the most crass opinions about San Francisco, a city which he seems to find expendable. So much so that he seems to want the city to be attacked my terrorists. Why, I wonder? Do the free-thinking, multicultural inhabitants offend his bilious bigotry? The mission is on to Google Bomb him as a terrorist sympathiser - which is not a bad idea, albeit that it gives the redneck ego yet more attention. The comfort is that he is, at last, being left behind the times. Americans are turning against his bellowing form of patriotic jingoism. He is becoming a has-been - and the sooner he is fully reviled, the better, in my gentle opinion.


Lisa said...

Why do you discourage comments on your blog my making the font size ridiculously small? You can remove the "comments" text altogether if you like!

But wouldn't it be better if you encouraged people to comment here, Samela, or do you prefer to do all the talking and not have to listen to responses?

Samela said...

Blogger was not very Mac friendly when I set up, Lisa. The comments, along with links, were not functional. So I minimised them.