Friday, July 08, 2005

Surmounting the hiatus

The whole web at my fingertips - all of it except blogger and fotopages. I thought it must have been Tiger, the new Mac OS, since it has not been without a few challenges amid my older applications. On arrival back in Australia, I attempted to post some pieces written back in the US and the site froze and then crashed - and thereafter nada. I assumed blogger was having a problem so I gave it a day and then another day. Then I Googled to see if anyone else was having similar problems. No. So why was my computer blocking just those specific sites? I tried my younger son's old Clamshell and I tried the home PC. Same deal. "The server is not responding". Much puzzling, consulting my Mac guru at work, hauling in my Mac doctor older son. He quickly tried to get blogger up on his iBook. Same message. "Did you check the router?" he asked as he rushed off to work. "Nuttin' wrong with my router, all other sites work," I retorted. Days passed and I grew more antsy. So I rang my provider's help desk to discover that it was, indeed, the router. "The 504 ADSL modem has some peculiarities," explained Andrew after I had rebooted and hooked seamlessly into blogger. "Sometimes a site annoys it and it decides to firewall it."
Well, blow me down.

Now to work out why this layout is not justifying.

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