Friday, July 15, 2005

An outside world

I was deeply touched to see a comment added to this blog today - on a posting from last June, a posting marking the death of my old friend, Milan. It was a superb description of Milan. Beautifully conceived - and every bit his due.

It is strange, because I don't think of anyone reading this blog. I write it into the ether, for no rational reason. I started the blog only because I was writing about blogs and figured I needed to test the waters for myself. But this is a blog with no particular point - just occasional observations and accounts of time and place, since I have had the outlet of expressing myself in the mainstream media.
My paper, however, is changing. My place in its scheme of things also is changing. It is become a paper intended for the young - and I am being put out to pasture.

The blogsphere is about to become the field for my ruminations.

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