Friday, January 23, 2004

NH stressout

Of course I couldn't see the Iowa Caucus on the office cable - because the blokes wanted to see the tennis. No one is too bothered by the dramas of American politics - not when there is sport going on.
But CNN served me well with its poll table and I kept up to the moment right there on the computer. So glad to see the back of Gephardt. So astonished to see the demise of Dean. Where were the Deaniebabies? Apparently few of them turned out to rally the forces to the Caucus - and then Dean lost the plot. Like everyone else, I continue to ponder the aberration of that victory speech.
Now the action is back in NH - where Clark has lost some kudos with his patronising snipe at Kerry, a fellow veteran. Inappropriate.
Kerry looks presidential - but will the Mass man make it in the south? That is the question. B has put his money on Edwards - and, indeed, Edwards has been running a very focused and intelligent campaign. I won't cry if he wins.

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