Sunday, January 18, 2004

Impatient as hell

The Democrat Presidential Primaries are neck-and-neck in Iowa and I am so desperately impatient to know the outcome. Not as impatient as the candidates, I daresay.
Then there is New Hampshire where the outcome, I suspect, will be different. And then on through the states. An interesting and extended process. I can't imagine how the candidates cope with the demands of such protracted campaigning. I hear that Clark's voice is going as he leaps from stump to stump in NH. And that having endorsed him, Michael Moore has been up there appearing with him. B attended that meeting and describes the immense buzz in the packed school stadium. He sent photos among which was one of the media OB vans outside the meeting, parked in the thick snow. This was fascinating for, as I was looking at this on Sunday morning in Australia, I also was watching Fox live from the US - showing the very footage taken from that very OB crew in NH. And I was struck by the miracle of modern communications. Not for the first time. It constantly blows me away that our world is now thus connected. If only the world could find, in these instant and wonderous communications, a like mind in the name of love and peace.

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