Saturday, January 10, 2009

Still not finished

The boat ramp is still not finished. The pontoons are in. But the pontoons seem to have problems. They move around on the water. They do not stay still like a jetty. Nor do they have any rails to hang on to.
Little Rosetta Bay, the corner of Encounter Bay, is arguably the quietest piece of water on the south coast of South Australia, but it is not quiet enough for the floating pontoon.
So a huge breakwater of dirt sits across the peaceful edge of the bay. This, they say, will be replaced by a huge breakwater of rocks - because a huge breakwater is needed to ensure that no movement of water rocks the metal pontoons.

Meanwhile, no one can walk down the pontoons and enjoy a view. They are a bit scary. They are not stable.
The metal tie-up lugs are a real tripping threat if one raises one's eyes from the metal floor.
But, of course, the pontoons are not meant for the non-boating people, for the walkers who used to like to stand on the wooden jetty and watch the sea grasses, the fish, sometimes a squid and ever the optimistic pelicans, not to mention the mirrored stars at night.

Who the hell came up with the idea that unstable floating pontoons were better than the jetties enjoyed and safely used by generation upon generation?

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