Friday, April 18, 2008

The Olympic torch debacle

The Olympic torch relay should be canned.
In the last two Olympics, I recall perceiving it as a jealously-rivalled elitist exercise, a lot of fuss enabling selected people to show off for a moment here or there.

This Olympics, no one knows or cares who are the people getting to show off with a little torch dash. It is all about the Chinese goon guards "protecting" the torch - and, of course, the people protesting China's treatment of Tibet.
What a mess.

China, why can't you let us love you? What on earth are you thinking with the global turnoff you are engendering by sending these highly-trained military thugs around the world in the name of peace and sport? Ugly, ugly, ugly.

If it teaches us one thing, it is that the torch relay was always a grotesque piece of nationalistic overkill.
Let it not be forgotten, it was introduced by none other than Adolf Hitler!

This cartoon, so apt in its glorious ironies, has been doing the email rounds. I think the signature attributes Garison of the Milwaukee Sentinel.


thomas said...

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Kath Lockett said...

Er, nice one, er, Thomas....

Um, back to the torch relay. Yes, you are right in that no-one particularly cares about an oversized cigarette lighter in aluminium piping being trotted around the world. What an unnecessary expense to say the very least...

Besides, how could China's 'authorities' spin the protests (if indeed they are even allowed to be mentioned in China) to the people? And late pull outs like Lyn Hatfield Dodds (?) surely only did so because of the pressure to do so, or why did she say 'yes' to carrying the flame in the first place... it wasn't as though Tibet was only repressed last month...

Bread and Circus ideas may not be popular these days, but the Chinese people surely should be allowed to feel proud that they are hosting the games and that they are featuring on the world's stage.

Tin pot protests over the piss weak flame aren't going to help the greater Chinese populace become more aware and then rise up against their oppression.

dysthymiac said...

No argument from me.
The Olympics are crap anyhow.
The Chinese swimmers will be doped to the eyeballs as they were the last time they were in Australia - the women looked like men for chrissakes, what's the point in competing with that? So a bunch of Aussie teens with chlorine poisoning can do their PB?
stuff 'em.

The torch relay is just promo for the 'Games' which exacts an enormous cost on the communities which stage it.
Ignore it all.

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