Saturday, April 28, 2007

Hamming it down

Now it is ham we have to avoid. Just like trans fats, we discover that nitrites, used in the curing of meats, has been poisoning us for aeons. It is being associated with emphysema, of all things.

If we are to consume ham and bacon, hot dogs and sausages, it should be less than 14 times a month.

Day by day we discover that for the sake of shelf-life, we are subjected to invidious chemicals. Trans fats are shelf life. Nitrites are shelf life. Shelf life trumps human life in the market place - albeit that it all began with the best of intentions. Trans fats make things taste good and are cholesterol-free. Nitrites make them look good and last. We demand those things.

So it comes to pass that science must look to safer alternatives - which are not too far away if one looks at the Food Product Design website. Fruit may bear fruit, says this article.
Well, let's hope it is organic fruit - or there's sure to be another great toxin kerfuffle.

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