Monday, May 15, 2006

Dust Mites are Innocent

The fuss about dust mites revives. Latest reports indicate that chilhood asthma may be linked to indoor pollutants including dustmites. Well, firstly, just to correct the experts putting this news on the wire. It is not the dustmites which cause allergic reactions but their little poops.
It seems to me that dustmites are targeted just because they are there. I am sure that in these days of uber vacuum cleaners sucking the pile out of carpets, there are fewer dustmites than before - and yet more cases of asthma, they tell us. The dustmites are the fallguys for science's lack of explanations for other conditions - or for biochemical companies protecting their airsprays, dyes and detergents, not to mention the chemicals arriving in the house on food or the motorcar and industrial pollution in the air. No, it has to be the little dustmite.
I am most indignant. I am the self-appointed president of the Right to Life of the Dustmite Society and I am here to tell these shallow researchers that if it was not for the dustmite, they would be knee deep in dust. Dustmites are a natural part of the ecology. They are little good guys. All they need are diapers.

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Anonymous said...

I love it! Mites rule!