Friday, April 21, 2006

Fairy fairy, quite contrary

Fairy Penguins are to be called Little Penguins for fear of offending the gay community?
What gives?
Political correctness is the most ugly and divisive thing. And plain stupid.
Did anyone ask the gay community about this sudden decision which has emerged from, of all places, Queensland?
Would these people who think that fairy penguins are offensive to gays actually call a gay person a "fairy"?
I wouldn't. I think they would be offended.
I have never heard any of my gay friends refer to themselves or any of their community as "fairies".
The "fairy" thing goes back to the dark old days of homophobia. It is of the ilk of "poof" and "pansy", neither of which are polite or, dare I say, politically correct.
The gay world hijacked the word "gay" as its chosen identity. They did not choose "fairy". We do not talk about the "fairy community" or the "fairy and lesbian festival".
Even to the gay world, in 2006 fairies are fairies. They are tiny things with wings. Fairy penguins are tiny things with wings.

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