Sunday, March 19, 2006

Election sour grapes

There can be a nobility in defeat, or at least dignity. Not so here in South Australia for the conservative Liberals after the spectacular trouncing they suffered to Labor in the State Elections today. Rather than admit that they had been bettered in the polls, they chorused a line of sour grapes carping that, obviously, had been the on-the-spot brainchild of one of their spin doctors. Their line was that the voters had been naive because they had not understood that Labor's success in Government and the healthy state of the State was really due to the national Liberal Government's economic policy out of Canberra. And these voters were in for a big, dire shock.
Now had the Liberals thought of this line of argument before their defeat, they might have used it as campaign material. If it was true, of course. But it is the first we have heard of it. If it was true, they have been seriously remiss in not alerting the State to this potentially dire situation long since. Why wait until they lose an election?
I think we may have respected them more had they acknowledged that they had been outvoted and congratulated the victor.

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