Thursday, October 06, 2005

Bully blues

Workplace bullying has become an issue of the moment - mainly because various health funds seem to find that the stresses and depressions it creates is costing money. Attention will be paid if money-saving is at stake.
Of course the phenomenon is older than dirt. It is just the old power game under another name. And, unfortunately, it is the most common and calculated of management strategies.
The nasty aspect of contemporary workplace bullying is that it is directed towards senior employees. Age is an issue. Older, more experienced workers usually are paid more. It is economical to get rid of them and pay less to younger people. Forget the quality, it's about expediency. Thus are we hearing of an epidemic of workplace bullying directed exclusively towards older employees. The young workers are encouraged and advanced. They are given to think that they belong to an inner sanctum of favour. And they given the strong impression that it is not a good idea to associate with the older employees because they are somehow out of the loop. This, it is being found, is now dividing workplaces. It is also denying the young the benefit of learning from their experienced colleagues.
And, backwards we walk into the future.

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