Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Routing the router

Persistent problems in accessing blogger and blogspot sites is hopefully to be solved. A new modem was delivered today. It's hooked up and humming along. Now all we have to do is to do a spot of testing, a spot of blogging, of cruising blogs... It has been a very perverse and mysterious issue and many hours have been expended trying to analyse how and why blogger sites seem to be firewalled. Not all the time, mind. There has been a limit. One can blog and surf blogs for between two and six hits and then, suddenly, no more. Reset the modem, maybe get one more, maybe two. Then "the server is not responding". Things have become significantly easier on every front of the Internet and computers since new new ubiquity of the technology - so when there is a glitsch, it just has to be confounding.

Even the help desk techs of today probably don't recall the bad old days, which were also the most exciting of days - the days when we had to key in ridiculous DOS commands, we had to wait to get a line, when email was Pine and very clunky and, anyway, only the few were into it, when we only had bulletin boards and good old IRC and the WWW was barely there. I used to be able to cook an entire meal in the time it took to download a single image. But it was all thrilling, miraculous, cutting edge.
It's only 11 years ago.

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