Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Apres le deluge

And when will that be? The rain goes on and on. I have given up on my hair. It occurs to me that Adelaideans are always poorly prepared for weather - probably because they don't see much of it, this being such a temperate place. So people in the streets are dressed for the office rather than the rain. Men go out in the cold and rain in their business suits. Some are in shirtsleeves. They may carry umbrellas, but no one has a real raincoat or proper hooded jacket. Well, I saw one woman in a proper waterproof jacket but she had nothing on her head and her hair was drenched into rat-tails. I am just as bad as the rest. I go out between the showers believing that the rain has gone away - and then it starts and I am unprepared. I've managed three soakings. Hence the big hair.
I don't remember this much rain, constantly, day after day. From our verandah we can hear the rushing torrent of the creek over the road, It is like brown rapids, surging and roaring, raging at the banks and attacking the tree roots. Trees will fall.
But the reservoirs are filling and for this dry place, we offset our sodden, scampering discomfort with the knowledge that we are lucky.

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