Thursday, May 20, 2004

car car car

It's big deal. Just a few times in a lifetime. For some, never. So I have been pretty excited about taking delivery of my very own brand new car. It's a Subaru Forester, green. I have had my eye on this model of car for several years and test driving two of the latest Foresters last year sealed my resolve that this was "the" car for me and us. I held off and held off, until the ancient Subaru Liberty I call Wanda was making me nervous - that gnawing feeling that she may not get me where I was going. And I stood on my little hind legs, so to speak, and asserted that I would not and could not add stress about a car to the many demands in life. I am past it. I am at a time of life when one must and will have certain civilized and comfortable facilities - i.e. a safe and dependable car. Fortunately, my darling Bruce concurred. And so the deed is done.
Yesterday I collected the car from Eblens where they made an extended celebratory ritual of the purchase - and off I drove, all pristine and only 16 klicks on the dial. I have to run her in, of course. Or is it him? I have yet to give the car its identity.
At present I mainly gaze upon it with a sense of incredulity and delight. Waiting for the weekend when I can take her out to the country and really spend some time with her. And I will really have to make the most of that because for the rest of the week I will not be able to drive her. I will be test driving the new Mazda3 for the paper.

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