Sunday, December 07, 2003

Deja revue

Another reunion? Well, at least it was not brutally time-specific. It spanned several decades - the lifetime of the University Footlights Club, the home of undergraduate satire. A sad reflection on Generation X et al is the death of such pertinent creative juices. Footlights has been dead since the 80s with students now simply too preoccupied with studies to indulge in satiric thespian tendencies. Not so in my day when those revues were big deal - and not just for the student body.
Tonight 210 old Footlighters gathered to reminisce and run, rustily, through some of the old numbers of the 50s and 60s.
Exuberant, bright youth now in middle age and, in some cases, dotage - since the first Footlighters were performing in the 30s and 40s. A room crowded with extroverts!
It was good to see many of the faces of my uni days. Strange, though, that despite the intervening years, they still looked much the same to me. I gazed at some, silver-haired or balding, and succumbed to that strange backflash of the vibrant, zealous student days and the excitement of putting on the shows and partying through the nights - never in wildest youthful imaginings contemplating a day in the distant future when we would converge to reminisce about those good old days. We did not think a lot about the future then. We could not see ourselves in mellow years. The "now" was forever. Halcyon youth.

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